Bring your creations and innovations to Maker Faire!

Wenatchee Mini Maker Faire is inclusive of anyone who embraces the do-it-yourself (or do-it-together) spirit and wants to share their accomplishments with an appreciative audience. We encourage applications to focus on cohesive projects and exhibits to be interactive, highlighting the process of making things.



To showcase your work at the Wenatchee Mini Maker Faire, you must fill out the Online Application and then pay for any applicable booth fees (see booth structure below). Payment must be paid by Friday, May 17. After you apply, the Wenatchee Maker Faire team will review your application and notify you within 5 business days if you are accepted as an exhibitor, performance, or presenter.



We have six different categories of booths, please read the information below carefully to determine your booth category.


  • Individual or Group Maker – These are people who are “show and telling” their projects, not selling or promoting a product or company. These booths are FREE.
  • Education Booth – These are students and educators who are “show and telling” their projects from the classroom. This is the booth that exhibitors from the annual NCW Tech & STEM Showcase will select. These booths are FREE.
  • Commercial Maker (individual or group) – These are people who are promoting or selling something they made. These booths are $100.
  • Startup Booth –  These are businesses (less than 10 employee, less than 5 years old) who are promoting or selling products and services. These booths are $150.
  • Company Booth – This is a company or organization larger than a Startup Booth and is selling our promoting their products or services. These booths are $250. Take a look at Day of Event Sponsorship for $1,000 which includes additional advertising and marketing opportunities.
  • Non-profit – This is a local registered non-profit organization. These booths are $100.



Have something that would work well as a presentation, workshop or demo? Let us know by filling out the “presentation, workshop, or demo” proposal on the form below. It is free to do a presentation, workshop, or demo.



Are you a dance crew? How about a singer or a band? This is your chance to perform in front of a crowd! Fill out the “performance” proposal in the form below to apply for a spot in the Wenatchee Mini Maker Faire. It is free to do a performance.